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Doxygen Awesome

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Doxygen Awesome is a custom CSS theme for doxygen html-documentation with lots of customization parameters.


I really like how the doxygen html-documentation is structured! But IMHO it looks a bit outdated.

This theme is an attemt to update the visuals of doxygen without changing it's overall layout too much.


  • 🌈 Clean, modern design
  • 🚀 Heavily customizable by adjusting CSS-variables
  • 🧩 No changes to the HTML structure of Doxygen required
  • 📱 Improved mobile usability
  • 🌘 Dark mode support!
  • 🥇 Works best with doxygen 1.9.1 or 1.9.2


Copy the css files from this repository into your project or add this repository as submodule and check out the latest release:

git submodule add
cd doxygen-awesome-css
git checkout v1.5.0

Then make the option HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET in your Doxyfile point to the css files:

# Doxyfile
# ...
HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome.css


There is two variants of the theme.

  1. Base theme:
    # Doxyfile
    GENERATE_TREEVIEW = YES # optional. Also works without treeview
    HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome.css
  2. Sidebar-only theme (experimental):
    # Doxyfile
    GENERATE_TREEVIEW = YES # required!
    HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome.css doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome-sidebar-only.css

Dark Mode Toggle (Experimental)

The theme comes with an experimental feature that adds a button to enable and disable the dark theme variant manually.

It requires customizations in both the header & footer html template.

  1. Create default header & footer templates:
    doxygen -w html header.html footer.html delete_me.css
  2. Reference the required resources in your Doxyfile:
    # Include the required Javascript
    HTML_EXTRA_FILES = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome-darkmode-toggle.js
    # Add the additional CSS. This is ONLY required for the sidebar-only theme variant!
    HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome.css \
    doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome-sidebar-only.css \
    # set custom header & footer files generated in previous step
    HTML_HEADER = header.html
    HTML_FOOTER = footer.html
  3. In header.html, include doxygen-awesome-darkmode-toggle.js at the end of the <head>:
    <!-- ... other metadata & script includes ... -->
    <script type="text/javascript" src="$relpath^doxygen-awesome-darkmode-toggle.js"></script>
  4. In footer.html, initialize the doxygen-awesome-dark-mode-toggle element at the end of the <body>:
    <!-- ... -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
    // script for doxygen 1.9.1
    $(function() {
    toggleButton = document.createElement('doxygen-awesome-dark-mode-toggle')
    toggleButton.title = "Toggle Light/Dark Mode"
    Attention: In Doxygen 1.9.2 the searchbox and it's siblings are deleted on every resize, which is why the toggle button has to be re-added every time:
    $(function() {
    toggleButton = document.createElement('doxygen-awesome-dark-mode-toggle')
    toggleButton.title = "Toggle Light/Dark Mode"



CSS Variables

This theme is highly customizable because a lot of things are parameterized with CSS variables. The following list of parameters is not complete! You can easily modify any variable with the developer tools of your browser to find out what it does.

To customize the existing theme, add your own custom.css and overwrite the variables there:

HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-theme/doxygen-awesome.css custom.css
/* custom.css */
html {
/* define light-mode variable overrides here */
@media (prefers-color-scheme: dark) {
html:not(.light-mode) {
/* define dark-mode variable overrides here if you DON'T use doxygen-awesome-darkmode-toggle.js */
html.dark-mode {
/* define dark-mode variable overrides here if you DO use doxygen-awesome-darkmode-toggle.js */
Parameter Default (Light) Default (Dark)
Color Scheme:
primary theme color. This will affect the entire websites color scheme: links, arrows, labels, ...
--primary-color #1779c4 #1982d2
--primary-dark-color #00559f #5ca8e2
--primary-light-color #7aabd6 #4779ac
--primary-lighter-color #cae1f1 #191e21
--primary-lightest-color #e9f1f8 #191a1c
default spacings. Most ui components reference these values for spacing, to provide uniform spacing on the page.
--spacing-small 5px
--spacing-medium 10px
--spacing-large 16px
Border Radius:
border radius for all rounded ui components. Will affect many components, like dropdowns, memitems, codeblocks, ...
--border-radius-small 4px
--border-radius-medium 6px
--border-radius-large 8px
Content Width:
The content is centered and constrained in its width. To make the content fill the whole page, set the following variable to auto.
--content-maxwidth 1000px
Code Fragment Colors:
Color-Scheme of multiline codeblocks
--fragment-background #282c34
--fragment-foreground #fff
Arrow Opacity:
By default the arrows in the sidebar are only visible on hover. You can override this behaviour so they are visible all the time.
--side-nav-arrow-opacity 0
--side-nav-arrow-hover-opacity 0.9
Darkmode Toggle Icon:
If you have enabled the darkmode toggle button, you can define the icon that is shown for the current mode.
--darkmode-toggle-button-icon ☀️ 🌛
...and many more

If you miss a configuration option or find a bug, please consider opening an issue!

Doxygen generator

The theme overrides most colors with the --primary-color-* variables.

But there is a few small images and graphics that the theme cannot adjust or replace. To make these blend in better with the rest, it is recommended to adjust the doxygen color settings to something that matches the chosen color-scheme.

For the default color-scheme, these values work out quite well:

# Doxyfile

Browser support

Tested with

  • Chrome 91, Chrome 91 for Android, Chrome 87 for iOS
  • Safari 14, Safari for iOS 14
  • Firefox 89, Firefox Daylight 89 for Android, Firefox Daylight 33 for iOS

Tips & Tricks

Class Diagrams with Graphviz

To get the best looking class diagrams for your documentation, generate them with Graphviz as vector graphics with transparent background:

# Doxyfile

Share your own theme customizations

If you customized the theme with custom colors, spacings, font-sizes, etc. and you want to share your creation with others, you can to this here.

I am always curious to learn about how you made the theme look even better!


This theme is heavily inspired by the beautiful vuepress static site generator default theme!