Doxygen Awesome  v2.0.3
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Doxygen Awesome

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Doxygen Awesome is a custom CSS theme for Doxygen HTML-documentation with lots of customization parameters.


I really like how the Doxygen HTML-documentation is structured! But IMHO it looks a bit outdated.

This theme is an attemt to update the visuals of Doxygen without changing it's overall layout too much.


  • 🌈 Clean, modern design
  • 🚀 Heavily customizable by adjusting CSS-variables
  • 🧩 No changes to the HTML structure of Doxygen required
  • 📱 Improved mobile usability
  • 🌘 Dark mode support!
  • 🥇 Works best with doxygen 1.9.1 - 1.9.3



Copy the file doxygen-awesome.css from this repository into your project or add this repository as submodule and check out the latest release:

git submodule add
cd doxygen-awesome-css
git checkout v2.0.3

Choose one of the theme variants and configure Doxygen accordingly:

  1. Base theme:
    # Doxyfile
    GENERATE_TREEVIEW = YES # optional. Also works without treeview
    HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome.css
  2. Sidebar-only theme:
    # Doxyfile
    GENERATE_TREEVIEW = YES # required!
    HTML_EXTRA_STYLESHEET = doxygen-awesome-css/doxygen-awesome.css \

Further installation instructions:

Browser support

Tested with

  • Chrome 98, Chrome 98 for Android, Chrome 87 for iOS
  • Safari 15, Safari for iOS 15
  • Firefox 97, Firefox Daylight 97 for Android, Firefox Daylight 96 for iOS


  • This theme is inspired by the vuepress static site generator default theme.
  • Thank you for all the feedback on github!

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